Kamiture to appear in last two episodes of September 2011

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Raimon City Gym Leader makes her anime debut
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  • Monday, August 29, 2011

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Last Friday, a Japanese TV guide revealed the last two episodes for September 2011. Kamiture (Elesa), the Gym Leader of Raimon City (Nimbasa City), will make her anime debut.

The two respective episode titles for Sept. 22 and 29 are 「ジムリーダーはカリスマモデル! カミツレ登場!!」 The Gym Leader is a Charisma Model! Kamiture Appears!! and 「ライモンジム! 華麗なる電撃バトル!!」 Raimon Gym! Magnificent Electric Shock Battle!!, thus bringing the total episode count to fifty in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!.