Korean League 2015 begins in December 2014

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1st Round of the TCG tournament ends in January 2015, various venues will host the event
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  • Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The 1st Round of Korean League 2015, a Pokémon TCG tournament, started on December 6th. The 1st Round will end on January 18th, 2015. The 2nd Round will start in January 24th, 2015, and will end in February 28th. The Final game, deciding the champion, is expected to be held in March, 2015.

Players can participate in various venues in a number of department stores and card shops, such as E-mart, HomePlus, and D-Cube Department Store. A deck of 60 cards, consisting of official cards from BW and XY series is required for participation.

Players are divided into three tiers depending on age: Junior, Senior, and Master.

Participants will receive a Korean League Promo Pack that contains one random card. There are 12 kinds of Promo packs. Also people that frequently participate in the events, players that participate in friendly battles will receive various gifts. Among the possible gifts are a deck case and pouches with official art.

An official website for the Korean League 2015 tournament is expected to open next month. The website will offer information regarding the tournament as well as cover the points that the participants earn during the Rounds.

During the tournament, an event promoting the use of official cards is hosted. Official Korean Pokémon Trading Card Game cards have information of the card's production, as well as information for the customer's service. Also official cards are marked with KC seals. People that report sources where fake cards are sold will be rewarded with a special promo card: a Trainer Card called 속임수 동전 ('coin of trickery').

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