Last Japanese episode title for October revealed

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Satoshi's Battle Frontier quest continues
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  • Saturday, September 24, 2005

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The title for Advanced Generation episode 149 is バトルアリーナ!格闘対決!! Battle Arena! Fighting Showdown!!. It is expected that Satoshi will reach the second Battle Frontier facility, the Battle Arena, in this episode.

In Pokémon Emerald, battling in the Battle Arena pits two Pokémon against one another for three rounds. If both Pokémon last all three rounds, they are rated on how they battled, and the Pokémon with the higher score wins. Pokémon are scored on mind, skill, and body - how offensively they battle, how accurately they battle, and how much damage they have taken in battle. After 27 and 55 consecutive wins, Arena Captain Kogomi appears to challenge the player, awarding the Guts Symbol to victorious opponents.

However, the anime had significantly altered the operation of the Battle Factory in AG135 and AG136, and some expect similar changes for all other Battle Frontier Facilities.