Last two episode titles for April 2010 revealed

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Episodes feature Metamon, new combination for Hikari's Pokémon
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  • Thursday, March 25, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Kevzo8

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The last two episode titles for April were recently revealed. The 173rd and 174th episodes of the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl are 「メタモン・へんしんバトル!本物はドッチ~ニョ!?」 Metamon - Transformation Battle! Which One is the Real One!? and 「炎と水のアート!!」 The Art of Flames and Water!!. Both will air April 22 and 29 on TV Tokyo, respectively.

The 173rd episode will focus on a Metamon, which is shown to copy the Pokémon of Satoshi's group. The episode will end with another variation of the ending Which One ~ Is It?. The 174th will feature Hikari's Pochama and Hinoarashi, as she trains them for a Fire-Water Contest combination in preparation for the Grand Festival.