Localization possible for upcoming crossover

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Pokémon + Nobunaga may see international release
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  • Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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"European plans to be confirmed"

An English release of Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition is on the cards after a recently released video by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Nintendo Direct.

The video shows Iwata presenting upcoming Nintendo games to the Japanese market. Subtitles have been provided, including a comment that European plans for the game are "to be confirmed".

While this is in no way a guarantee that localized versions will be made, it seems that this unique game may be marketed to English audiences at some stage.

A transcript of relevant parts of the video is reproduced below:

Next I'd like to show you some footage from Pokémon + Nobunaga which The Pokémon Company will be releasing in Japan on March 17. [...] The tutorial and story have been designed so that Pokémon fans new to the genre can naturally understand and enjoy the gameplay as the story unfolds. Additionally there are plenty more scenarios to play after completing the main game, so strategy fans will also have plenty to challenge them too. It can also be played on the Nintendo 3DS using the Nintendo DS backwards compatibility feature, so I hope that all the Pokémon fans will be able to try out this new combination of Pokémon and Nobunaga.
  -- Satoru Iwata