Lucario figure giveaway details announced for Japan

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Several passwords unveiled
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  • Sunday, April 28, 2013

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The details of the Pokémon Smash Promo Lucario figure giveaway for Pokémon Scramble U have been announced. 200 special Pokémon Smash Promo Lucario figures will be given away. A postcard must be sent to Pokémon Smash's address, with the person's name, home address, phone number, age, and their opinions of the show.

The Lucario figure will have a strength of 1008, and will have the moves Aura Sphere, Protect, Detect and Sky Uppercut.

Several passwords for figures have been unveiled. One of the new figures that was announced is a Pokémon Smash Promo Oshawott figure.

  • Famitsu LIVE Promo Bulbasaur figure - 74465213
  • Pokémon Smash Promo Oshawott figure - 63664750
  • CoroCoro Charizard figure - 26495673
  • NFC Stunfisk figure - 98993224
  • NFC Snorlax figure - 71098343
  • NFC Shiny Snivy figure - 20448123
  • NFC Shiny Gyarados figure - 94839985


source for the NFC passwords