Lugia, Carnivine special stages added to Pokémon Shuffle

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First edition of Pokémon Safari returns
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  • Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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The latest patch for the Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Shuffle has added two new special stages, as well as including the return of the Pokémon Safari. None of these updates apply to Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.

The Lugia special stage "High-Speed Challenge" will be available from August 31 to September 24, 2015. Unlike most other special stages, this stage is time-limited, with a time limit of 30 seconds.

The Carnivine special stage "Try 'em Items" will be available from August 31 to September 12, 2015, but cannot be played on weekends. On this special stage, players can use items at no cost; the available items are Mega Start, Disruption Delay, Attack Power ↑, and Complexity-1. This stage is time-limited to 1 minute.

The first ever Pokémon Safari is available again, from August 31 to September 14, 2015. This stage features Spinda, Cherubi, Cherrim, Carvanha, and Sharpedo. In Pokémon Safari, the player will battle one of the possible Pokémon, decided randomly; as a result, the Optimize button is unavailable for this stage. The player receives a first clear bonus for the first time they defeat each Pokémon, not just the first time they clear the stage at all. Additionally, the player can only bring 3 Support Pokémon into this stage.

Furthermore, the Mega Sharpedo Competitive Stage will run from September 7 to 14, 2015. Highly-placing players will earn a Sharpedoite, this being the first time this item will be available.

Additionally, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile has revealed a new passcode for Pokémon Shuffle (3DS). Until September 30, 2015, players can enter the passcode 86000504 to obtain the item Moves +5 in the game. (Note that this passcode does not work in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.)

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