Major Pokémon sites suffer downtime

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  • Wednesday, June 7, 2006

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Two unrelated incidents have brought down two of the major sites in the Pokémon fandom, and, over the past 24 hours., one of the leading sites in the fandom, has, according to a statement by site owner Joe "Serebii" Merrick on the Serebiiforums (hosted on a seperate server and domain to the main site), were taken down when the server the site was hosted on "for lack of a better term, exploded". While he believes no data was lost, reuploading the site to a new host will apparently be the work of several days, with an reported 3GB of material to reupload., a Bulbanews affiliate and a leading source of Pokémon news, has itself suffered downtime, not due to server problems, but due to the loss of their domain name to squatters, just as Bulbagarden itself lost the domain name in 2004. While we are still awaiting a statement from site owner JKaizer, which is expected to be posted on his site within the next few hours, the site data is apparently quite safe, and the site is expected to be restored within a few days time, though with a different name and domain.