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The Mysterious Time Flower
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  • Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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The July issue of the Shogakukan Grade 3 magazine continues the movie 8 manga adaptation by Miho Asada where it left off last time. Previously, Satoshi has won the wave-guiding hero competition, and everyone attended the celebration held at the kingdom that evening. During the ball, Pikachu and Meowth were teleported away by Mew after Kiddo ambushed it with her two Manyula, while Masato witnessed the whole process. In this installment:

At the celebration ball, as Satoshi holds up the staff of Aaron which Queen Irene gave him, he continues to hear something questioning 'why' from inside the jewel on the staff. The staff begins to shake uncontrollably, and Lucario all of a sudden pops out and materializes in the center of the room.

Still with its eyes closed, it senses the a familiar aura around Satoshi, and mistakes him as Aaron. It jumps over to the boy, and demands to know why he abandoned the city. However, Satoshi soon discovers that the creature is talking to him via telepathy, and Lucario opens its eyes in surprise to see that it isn't Aaron who's standing before it. Looking around at its strange yet familar surroundings, Lucario wonders what has happened to the city of Orudoran.

Later, Queen Irene corrects Lucario's impression of Aaron abandoning Orudoran, and says legend actually has it that the man saved the city from its peril. Satoshi decides to befriend Lucario, and Lucario tells the boy that he possesses the same wave-guiding ability as Aaron. Up in the corners, Team Rocket are scheming to steal Lucario, the pokemon that's been sealed away for hundreds of years.

Masato suddenly charges into the room to speak of Mew's kidnapping of Pikachu and Meowth, and Kiddo appears to prove his words. Upset that his companion is gone, Satoshi requests to know Mew's habitat, and Queen Irene tells him to head to the World-origin Tree.

The next morning, Satoshi and co. are travelling in Kiddo's truck while Lucario leads the way through the fog. Haruka is surprised that Lucario's calmness in moving through the fog, and Kiddo remarks that the creature possesses the wave-guiding ability, allowing it to detect the aura which is given off by all things in the world. Legend even has it that in order to search for Mew, Lucario's assistance is needed. Kiddo also explains her career as an adventurer, while TR secretly tags along at the back of the truck.

Inside the World-origin Tree, Pikachu wakes up in a cradle, and Mew is glad that it's alright. Mew then wants to play, and Meowth sweatdrops.

Meanwhile, Satoshi and co. have arrived at a hotsprings, and decide to take a break. Lucario watches from a distance, and Haruka soon spots an odd flower on the cliff. Satoshi climbs up manages to pick it, but loses his grip, and falls back into the water while Haruka catches the flower. Seeing the flower, Lucario has a flashback of Aaron's teachings about it being the Time Flower, and that it can create miracles when used by a wave-guiding hero.

Later, after they get dressed, Haruka hands over the Time Flower to Satoshi, and in that instant, the scenes of Satoshi picking the flower and falling off the cliff flash across their eyes. Kiddo apparently knows the legend of the Time Flower too, and says Satoshi must possess the same wave-guiding powers as Aaron.

That night, Satoshi tells Kiddo of how he and Pikachu met, and how they became best friends. Lucario is reminded of it used to trust Aaron, and gets upset that Aaron betrayed it and abandoned it by sealing it in the staff at the end. Lucario accuses Satoshi to be the same type of person, ticking off Satoshi who immmediately gets into a fight with the pokemon.

Inside the World-origin Tree, Pikachu is starting to miss Satoshi, and calls out to its trainer. Satoshi wakes up from his sleep as he seems to hear the call, and looks up to the tree from afar, hoping that Pikachu is alright.

The following morning, the group are heading close to the tree, and arrive at the exact spot where Lucario was sealed that many years ago. Lucario falls to its knees and happens to break a Time Flower lying on the ground. This triggers the scene of Aaron sealing Lucario to come alive in front of their eyes. Suddenly, a swarm of army pokemon charge in from afar, and amazingly walk through the bodies of everyone. Lucario gets disoriented by what it sees, and frantically fires off its hado-dan.

Satoshi tries to calm Lucario by saying that it's only an illusion created by the Time Flower, and everything soon dies down. Satoshi finally understands Lucario's feelings, and apologizes to it, while Lucario also takes back his accusation of Satoshi abandoning Pikachu.

Suddenly, Lucario senses something and pushes Satoshi out of the way. Everyone looks around and are shocked to see the legendary pokemon Regirock...

The adaptation by Emiko Yoshino is essentially the same, simply with a few more additions to the plot.

1) After Mew teleported away with Pikachu and Meowth, it flew them off by transforming into a Pidgeot

2) The group ran into Usohachi (Bonsly) on their way to the World-origin Tree. Usohachi ate their food, and everyone became angry. But Lucario remembered encountering one with Aaron in the past, who nurtured the pokemon and took it to Queen Rene. Lucario thus treated it nicely by giving it its own food.

The August issues of Grade 3 and 4 shall give a conclusion to these three-parter adaptations.