Masuda's video from Japan Expo France reveals information about Kalos

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Design basis, name origin, and research process discussed
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  • Friday, July 5, 2013

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Hitotsuki in the video

A special video of Junichi Masuda was broadcast at the Japan Expo France, and revealed information such as the new Pokémon Hitotsuki and the relationship between Kalos and France.

As previously reported, the video revealed Hitotsuki (known as Monorpale in French), a Ghost/Steel sword-like Pokémon.

In the video, Masuda talks about how France was obviously the inspiration for Kalos due to Pokémon X and Y being beauty-themed. He also mentions that Kalos comes from the ancient Greek word meaning "beauty". He also confirmed in the video that Lumiose City is based on Paris, and that there is a location in the games based on Carnac.

Masuda and the French translation team toured around France one month after Pokémon Black and White were released. They visited Paris, Avignon, Arles, Marseille, Nice, Èze, Mont Saint-Michel, as well as Versailles and the Loire castles. During this trip many people recognized him, and he was worried that people would realize that the next game was going to be set in a region based on France.


A recording of Masuda's video (with no audio and only French subtitles) has been uploaded to YouTube.

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