More Generation V localizations revealed

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Munna keeps name, others get new titles
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  • Monday, December 27, 2010

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The official website for Pokémon Black and White has updated, revealing a boatload of names. The English name for Chillarmy will be Minccino, Gigaiath will be Gigalith, Hihidaruma will be Darmanitan, Meguroco will be Sandile, Mamepato will be Pidove, Shimama will be Blitzle, and Giaru will be Klink. Munna will stay as Munna, Professor Araragi will be known as Professor Juniper, and Hiun City will be Castelia City.

Number Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
517 517.png Munna Munna Munna Somniam Munna Munna
519 519.png Mamepato Pidove Poichigeon Dusselgurr Pidove Pidove
551 551.png Meguroco Sandile Mascaïman Ganovil Sandile Sandile
522 522.png Shimama Blitzle Zébibron Elezeba Blitzle Blitzle
572 572.png Chillarmy Minccino Chinchidou Picochilla Minccino Minccino
599 599.png Giaru Klink Tic Klikk Klink Klink
555 555.png Hihidaruma Darmanitan Darumacho Flampivian Darmanitan Darmanitan
526 526.png Gigaiath Gigalith Gigalithe Brockoloss Gigalith Gigalith
N/A Castelia City.png Hiun City Castelia City Volucité Stratos City Ciudad Porcelana Austropoli
N/A Juniper BW Intro.png Professor Araragi Professor Juniper Professeure Keteleeria Prof. Esche Profesora Encina La Prof.ssa Aralia
N/A N/A Pigeon Breast Big Pecks Cœur de Coq Brustbieter Sacapecho Pettinfuori
N/A N/A Brute Force Sheer Force Sans Limite Rohe Gewalt Potencia Bruta Forzabruta
N/A N/A Overconfidence Moxie Impudence Hochmut Autoestima Arroganza
N/A BW Prerelease Blitzle battle.png Wild Bolt Wild Charge Éclair Fou Stromstoß-Angriff Voltio Cruel Sprizzalampo
N/A N/A Telekinesis Telekinesis Lévikinésie Telekinese Telequinesis Telecinesi
N/A N/A Sweep Slap Tail Slap Plumo-Queue Kehrschelle Plumerazo Spazzasberla

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