More Pokémon shown in second E3 trailer

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New character, possible four-on-one battle shown
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  • Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Three new Pokémon and a new character have been sighted during a second trailer at E3 today. In addition, a Froakie can be seen facing off against four Houndour in what could potentially be a new kind of battle.

The first new Pokémon resembles a thin, pinkish-colored seahorse. The second is a bird that may likely be an evolution of Normal/Flying-type Fletchling. The third is the hardest to make out, but appears to be a blue and yellow crustacean with a skull-like design.

A Sky Trainer is seen offering to have a Sky Battle with the player; unlike most battles, in this case the player can opt out. A Froakie is also shown facing four Houndour, which raises the possibility of an as-yet unseen new form of battling.