More Reviving Legends cards revealed

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Neo Genesis Sneasel to be reprinted
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  • Saturday, February 6, 2010

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The official Japanese card website has revealed more cards from the Reviving Legends expansion. This preview was made available to those who have accounts through the Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck and signed up with the code from the CD-ROM.

Some of the cards featured in this preview were already revealed: Houndoom from the Tyranitar Standard Construction Deck, and the recently revealed promotional Houndour from the L-P Promotional cards that was also expected to be in the main expansion. Other revealed cards include Houndoom, a reprint of the Neo Genesis Sneasel, Rattata, Raticate, PlusPower, Darkness Energy, and two new Supporter cards: Rocket's Trick, and Flower Shop Lady.

Reviving Legends is due for release February 11th, 2010, and will have 80 cards in the expansion.