New Battrio expansion to release in December

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Various new aspects and features to be introduced
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  • Thursday, November 25, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Umeko

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Announcement of the expansion, expected for release in the last third of December

The seventeenth expansion to the Pokémon Battrio arcade game has been announced for release at the end of December. The expansion, Great Gathering of Legendary & Mirage Pokémon! Explosive Double Moves, will be introducing several new aspects to the game, both in game mechanics and aesthetics.

A Mewtwo puck from the new expansion, sporting the new puck design

The designs of the pucks, which are used to control the Pokémon in-game, have been changed. All Master-rarity pucks in this expansion will have a translucent plastic border around their entire circumference, a decoration that had been used only for special pucks in the past. Pucks of all other rarities in the expansion will have the translucent plastic only on the top portion of the border, as the Master pucks had in previous expansions.

Other aesthetic changes include the addition of a Hall of Fame ribbon mark on the back of all pucks, and a new design for the face of the puck, including an intricate border around the artwork.

In addition, some Pokémon pucks are now capable of using two moves, whereas they had been restricted to one in previous expansions. The player will be able to choose which move the Pokémon will use at the beginning of the game when the puck is first scanned in.

Nineteen pucks in the expansion will have double moves. Confirmed among these nineteen are Mewtwo (Aura Sphere and Psychic), Mew (Dream Eater and Psychic), Lugia (Sky Attack and Aeroblast), Celebi (Leaf Storm and Future Sight), Kyogre (Brine and Ice Beam), Groudon (Eruption and an unknown Ground-type move), Empoleon (unknown Water- and Steel-type moves), Weavile (unknown Ice- and Dark-type moves), and Bronzor (unknown Steel- and Psychic-type moves). The remaining ten double-move pucks are expected to be revealed in mid-December.

It is unknown as of yet if the Awakening system, a feature introduced to the game earlier this year which activates special effects, will be making a return in this expansion.

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