New Celestial Storm cards showcased

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New set to debut August 03, 2018
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  • Saturday, June 9, 2018

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New Celestial Storm cards have been announced

Several new Celestial Storm cards have been announced today. The site has detailed 4 new cards from the set which is to debut August 03, 2018, which are as follows:


Electrode-GX is a new Lightning type card featuring 190HP and a low retreat cost of a single colorless energy. It features a ability which allows you to attach 5 energy cards to any of your non-EX/GX cards at the cost of sacrificing your Electrode GX. On top of this ability Electrode GX also has two attacks. Electro Ball, which is a 50 damage attack for one lightning and one colorless energy, and its new GX attack Crush and Burn which has an identical energy cost and allows you to remove any amount of energy cards from the Pokémon in order to increase the attack power of Crush and Burn by 50 per energy card removed.

Jirachi Prism Star

Jirachi Prism Star has 80HP, a new ability, as well as a single attack. The new ability, Wish Upon a Star, allows you to put Jirachi straight on your bench if it was received as a Prize card, allowing you to to take one more Prize card in the process. Its single attack, Perish Dream, will put Jirachi to sleep, knocking out your opponents Pokémon on the following turn for the price of three colorless energies.


Stakataka-GX has 180HP, a new ability, and two attacks. Ultra Wall is an ability allowing all your Ultra Beasts to take 10 less damage from opposing attacks. Stakataka's Gigaton Stomp does 120 damage at the cost of two metal energies and a single colorless energy while Assembly GX is an attack with 50 base power that increases by 50 for each prize card you have taken for the same cost as Gigaton Stomp.

Beast Ball

Beast Ball allows you to look at your face down Prize cards. If any of those cards happens to be an Ultra Beast, you may put it in your hand, replacing it with the Beast Ball.