New D/P Pokémon cards revealed to be fake

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TCG cards including previously unknown Pokémon are a forgery
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  • Friday, August 18, 2006

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Captain Library, a user on the PokéGym Forums with friends in Japan, has released an image to the public showing a collection of new Pokémon TCG cards, one of which reveals a new, never before seen electric type Pokémon, named Kisandā (キサンダー). This Pokémon, as well as the whole set of 5 cards, have since been revealed to be forgeries by PokéBeach.

PokéBeach webmaster Water Pokémon Master has revealed larger versions of the image shown left where these flaws are visible:

  • The copyright statement on the cards are dated 2004, not 2006
  • Jagged edges due to photo-manipulation

The creator of the forgeries has yet to step forward.

Update: It has been confirmed at the PokéCommunity Forums that Cascade Gonpory, long-time faker and card blank designer, created the blanks and Pokémon. Fangking Omega, who works with Cascade on the EX Acanthite project, said: "For the sake of all parties, I'll come clean. Cascade made these images, and made them extremely impressively, and I helped get the word out. We were hoping this would turn out to be a pretty good hoax, which it WAS, since so many people believed the fake and are still even doubting it now."