New Dialga stage in Pokémon Shuffle

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New Mega Blastoise Competitive Stage available
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  • Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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A new patch for Pokémon Shuffle has been released that brings the game up to version 1.2.3. This patch adds a new "Great Challenge" stage featuring Dialga and a new Mega Blastoise Competitive Stage. Additionally, a new passcode for Moves +5 can be redeemed.

The Dialga Great Challenge special stage is available until June 29, 2015. The player will receive 1000 Coins upon completing it for the first time. The stage is limited to 25 moves. In Pokémon Shuffle, Dialga is Steel-type and has the skill Block Smash+.

The Blastoisinite Competitive Stage is available until June 29, 2015. This stage is a move-limited rather than a time-limited stage (differing from the previous Blastoisinite Competitive Stage, but like the second Lucarionite Competitive Stage), with a limit of 17 moves. In this stage, players battle a Trainer's Mega Blastoise and try to inflict as much damage as possible; this score can then be uploaded to the Pokémon Shuffle server. The top 30,000 players in North America, the top 15,000 in the PAL region, and the top 65,000 players in Japan will earn a Blastoisinite; players who place, but obtained the Blastoisinite in the previous competition, will earn two Jewels instead. All players that participate but do not place will earn 1 Jewel.

Entering the passcode 06150503 in the "Passcode" section of the main menu will give the player 3 "Moves +5" items for free. This code can be used from June 16 to September 14, 2015.

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