New Diamond & Pearl anime information revealed

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Details of possible opening and ending songs, third CoroCoro scan character and the plots of the first five episodes made known
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  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Recent postings on the Pokeani message board and the Imaroda imageboard have brought forth new details about the upcoming Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl anime series.

Together, sung by Fumie Akiyoshi (あきよしふみえ), will serve as the series' first opening song. きみのそばでーヒカリのテーマー By Your Side -Hikari's Theme-, sung by Grin (グリン), will serve as the series' first ending song. The upcoming CD containing these songs is set to be released Nov. 29.

The identity of the third chracater that appeared aside Satoshi and Hikari in CoroCoro has been revealed. His name is Shinji (シンジ) and his role is to be Satoshi's rival. He will make his first appearance in the third episode of the series.

The details of the events in the first five episodes have been made known.

Setting off! From Futaba Town to Masago Town! (旅立ち!フタバタウンからマサゴタウンへ!)
In order to get her first Pokémon, Hikari sets off to the laboratory in a neighboring town. However, on the way she gets lost....

Search for Pikachu! Route 202! (ピカチュウをさがせ!202番道路!)
Hikari, who just recieved Pochama, lays her sights on Kotobuki Town. A weakened Pikachu appears in front of her.

Rival Battle! 3 vs. 3! (ライバルバトル!三対三!)
Satoshi searches for Pikachu, from whom he has been separated. While searching for Pikachu, he is challenged to a Pokémon battle by Shinji.

Pocchama vs. Subomii! Hikari's First Battle!! (ポッチャマ対スボミー!ヒカリ初バトル!!)
Satoshi and Hikari have started travelling together, however, they do not really fit each other. Wanting to get Satoshi to acknowledge her power, she challenges Pokémon minstrel Naoshi to a battle!

Naetle! Capture it! (ナエトル!ゲットだぜ!)
Satoshi knocks down the balloon of Team Rocket, who had captured Pikachu, with Mukkuru. It was a wild Naetle that had saved Pikachu from the balloon that had fallen into a distant lake.