New Dragons Exalted information revealed

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Fifteen Dragon-type Pokémon included
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  • Friday, June 8, 2012

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Promotional Rayquaza artwork

New information regarding the next English TCG expansion, Dragons Exalted, has surfaced. The set, due for release August 15, will contain fifteen Dragon-type Pokémon, six Pokémon-EX and six Full Art cards, and over 120 new cards.

Set description

The Time of Dragons Is Now! Can You Command Them?

The might of dragons is yours to control in a way that can change your game forever—as a brand-new Energy type! Rayquaza. Giratina. Hydreigon. Few Pokémon inspire awe and wonder like Dragon-type Pokémon, and in the Dragons Exalted expansion, they come ready to rule the game! And with a grand mix of all-new Pokémon-EX and a horde of Dragon-type Pokémon to take to the skies and take the battlefield by storm, plus new Trainer cards and new Special Energy cards, you’ll be ready for the roar of dragons and the glory of battle!

  • Brand-new Energy type: Dragon!
  • 15 Dragon-type Pokémon!
  • A dozen Pokémon-EX, including 6 full-card-art Pokémon!
  • Over 120 cards in all!
  -- The Pokémon Company International