New Fossil Evolutions Revealed

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Aurorus and Tyrantrum revealed by different websites
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  • Thursday, September 19, 2013

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We are just over three weeks away from the global launch of Pokemon X and Y and despite us already receiving the last CoroCoro Magazine issue before release, news is still coming out.

Today, the French website Jeux Video has unveiled Aurorus, the evolved form of the recently revealed Amaura. It is a Rock/Ice-type Pokémon. It can learn a new move called Freeze Dry, which has the added effect of being super effective against Water-type Pokémon. Aurorus's description - It has the power to control -150°C cold. It uses it not just to attack enemies, but also to block enemies' attacks by forming walls of ice. It is the Tundra Pokémon.

Meanwhile, IGN revealed Tyrantrum, the evolved form of Tyrunt. Tyrantrum's description - It was unrivaled 100 million years ago, and reigned as king. Its greatest weapon is its large jaw, which can bite through thick iron plates as easily as sheets of paper. It is a Rock/Dragon-type, and knows the move Head Smash. It is the Tyrant Pokémon.

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