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NIWA to support smaller Nintendo-based wikis
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  • Monday, February 15, 2010

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The NIWA logo

Bulbagarden, alongside fellow wikis ZeldaWiki and Super Mario Wiki, have established a brand new Nintendo wiki network. The network, the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, NIWA for short, will stand in the face of those who would profit off of fandoms without community involvement.

Much like Bulbagarden's other wiki network, Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, which features wiki-based Pokémon encyclopedias in several languages, NIWA will be community-based in nature, against those who would look only to making the most profit off of the communities by dragging them around by a leash, and instead looking to the fans themselves for input.

NIWA believes explicitly that the fans, who have the greatest connection to and enjoyment of the work, are the ones who should determine the direction that their communities take, moving forward towards what the fans want and need. As wikis, the members of NIWA realize that the knowledge base of the fans, especially the meta-fandom knowledge of various things not intentionally placed in the games we play, such as Missingno. or The Legend of Zelda's infinite sword glitch.

NIWA's forums are already open to the public, while a meta-wiki is soon to come.

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