New Pokémon dolls available in the Dream World

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Substitute Doll included along with Pokémon dolls
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  • Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Six new Pokémon dolls and a substitute doll are now available for purchase in the Dream World for international players.

Unlike other dolls, the substitute doll is in the Plain Catalogue rather than the Pokémon Doll Catalogue.

Pokémon Doll Number Berries required
239 Elekid 50 Persim Berry
240 Magby 50 Watmel Berry
258 Mudkip 15 Rindo Berry
300 Skitty 50 Pecha Berry
399 Bidoof 50 Razz Berry
619 Mienfoo 50 Chesto Berry
000 Substitute 200 Sitrus Berry