New Supreme Victors cards revealed

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Three Pokémon SP and LV.X cards featured
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  • Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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The logo for Supreme Victors

The official U.S. Pokémon Trading Card Game Web site,, has revealed pre-release images of three new cards from the upcoming Supreme Victors expansion.

These three SP cards are Absol G, Staraptor FB and Charizard G LV.X. Staraptor FB and other previously released card images show that a new type of Pokémon SP will be brought into the English TCG, Pokémon FB. Pokémon FB are all based on Pokémon Platinum's Frontier Brains and their respective Pokémon.

Supreme Victors, which is to be released on Aug. 18 in North America, will also bring English players Champion's Pokémon C as well as more of Team Galactic's Pokémon G.