New Ultra Beasts revealed for Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon

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English names of Necrozma forms, Lycanroc's Z-Move revealed
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  • Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Today's Nintendo Direct has revealed new details about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

There are two new Pokémon in these games, the Ultra Beasts codenamed UB Burst and UB Assembly. UB Burst will appear in Pokémon Ultra Sun while UB Assembly will appear in Pokémon Ultra Moon. No further information on these new Pokémon has been revealed.

English names for information that was revealed in CoroCoro have been announced. When Necrozma takes over Solgaleo, it becomes Dusk Mane Necrozma, which is featured on the cover of Pokémon Ultra Sun; when it takes over Lunala, it becomes Dawn Wings Necrozma, which is featured on the cover of Ultra Moon.

Lycanroc's exclusive Z-Move is named Splintered Stormshards in English; it requires Stone Edge and the Lycanium-Z to use. When used, it removes all terrain from the field.

Further details on the Rockruff distribution have been revealed. As previously revealed, players can obtain a special Rockruff that evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc via Nintendo Network from November 17, 2017 to January 10, 2018. This Rockruff evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc by leveling up between 5 and 5:59 pm, starting at level 25; it cannot evolve into the other forms of Lycanroc. This Rockruff holds a Focus Band, has the Ability Own Tempo, and knows the moves Tackle, Bite, Fire Fang and Happy Hour in Ultra Sun and the moves Tackle, Bite, Thunder Fang and Happy Hour in Ultra Moon.

Customers who purchase a digital version of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon in any region before January 10, 2018 will receive a code to obtain 12 Quick Balls in Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. The code expires on November 30, 2018.

The way the player encounters their starter Pokémon differs from Pokémon Sun and Moon. There are new areas in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including a "beach where surfers gather" and a "valley of Pikachu". A Mantine appears in the trailer in a Ride Pokémon harness, which indicates it is a new Ride Pokémon in these games. Rockruff's Alola Pokédex number is now 126, being 103 in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Additionally, there are new clothing items available for the player in these games, including the Pikachu Cap.




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Press release

BELLEVUE, WA—September 13, 2017—During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo revealed a Pokémon-themed New Nintendo 2DS XL system, more details for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon and a special Celebi distribution.

During the presentation, it was revealed that the mysterious Pokémon shown on the packages of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are in fact Necrozma. After taking over the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo in Pokémon Ultra Sun or the Legendary Pokémon Lunala in Pokémon Ultra Moon, Necrozma becomes Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma! Dusk Mane Necrozma can use Solgaleo’s signature move Sunsteel Strike and Dawn Wings Necrozma can use Lunala’s signature move Moongeist Beam. Alongside these new forms of Necrozma, two new Ultra Beasts, UB Assembly and UB Burst, were also shown. Details about these mysterious beings will be unveiled later.

Fans who purchase either game before January 10, 2018 will receive the in-game special early purchase gift Rockruff that can evolve into the new Dusk Form Lycanroc will know different moves depending on which version of the game you buy. In Pokémon Ultra Sun, it will know the move Fire Fang, while in Pokémon Ultra Moon, it will know the move Thunder Fang. The special Rockruff will be distributed holding a Focus Band and will also know the move Happy Hour which will allow you to receive twice as much prize money after battle. An exclusive Z-Move for Lycanroc was also revealed—Splintered Stormshards. This new Rock-type Z-Move can remove various effects from a terrain, and can be used by having a Lycanroc learn the move Stone Edge and then having it hold the special Z-Crystal Lycanium Z. All three Lycanroc, Midday Form, Midnight Form and Dusk Form, can use Splintered Stormshards.

A Pokémon-themed New Nintendo 2DS XL system was unveiled. The New Nintendo 2DS XL design has a Poké Ball motif with a three-dimensional replica of the Poké Ball’s button in the center of the system’s body. The new design launches November 3.

On September 22, the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console titles Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version will be released worldwide on Nintendo eShop. Fans who purchase either of the games will receive a special code which will grant them the Mythical Pokémon Celebi in the Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon video games. Special themes for each game will also be available for fans who purchase Pokémon Gold Version or Pokémon Silver Version by January 15.

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