New anime season to start with DP105

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Battle Dimension ends with 52 episodes
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  • Sunday, April 30, 2009

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According to's online listings, the episode Sleepless in Pre-Battle! will be the last episode of the season Battle Dimension, with DP105 starting season 12. No title for either the next season or DP105 has been announced.

Similar to the previous season, Diamond and Pearl, Battle Dimension will end with 52 episodes. It began with the 53rd episode of the series, Tears for Fears!, which aired last April 12, 2008. The season's last episode, Sleepless in Pre-Battle, will air on May 2 in the US.



Rotom and its forms

The schedule of shows on Cartoon Network's official site has recently revealed the titles for the twelfth season of the Pokémon anime, as well as the title of the season's first episode. The new season will be called Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battle. The season's first episode will be the 105th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series. It will be entitled Get Your Rotom Running! and it will air on May 9 in North America.

The episode Get Your Rotom Running! will feature a Rotom scaring Ash and his friends in an old building, utilizing its six forms. It first aired in Japan last December 4, 2008, one month after the first release of the Secret Key.