Nine new Pokémon dolls now available for international Global Link users

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Berries required to obtain new Décor items
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  • Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Nine new Pokémon dolls are now available for purchase in the Dream World for international users of the Pokémon Global Link.

Pokémon Doll Number Berries required
149 Dragonite 15 Haban Berry
228 Houndour 50 Cornn Berry
255 Torchic 15 Charti Berry
311 Plusle 50 Rabuta Berry
312 Minun 50 Nanab Berry
336 Seviper 50 Durin Berry
427 Buneary 15 Chople Berry
515 Panpour 50 Rawst Berry
522 Blitzle 50 Aspear Berry