Nintendo helps to replenish food banks

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NOA employees team up with Northwest Harvest to help hunger relief
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  • Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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As supplies for food banks and meal programs hit a record low, Nintendo of America employees have taken part in a holiday food-drive for Northwest Harvest. The employees were put into groups to raise food and money. In the spirit of friendly competiton, they then pushed each other to raise higher and higher amounts.

The final total was 18,655 pounds of food, which will be used for 300 food banks and meal programs across the state of Washington. An additional $4,845 was made in cash donations, which Nintendo has promised to match, making a total donation of $9,690. On Tuesday the employees met representatives from Northwest Harvest to give the collected food and money.

"We actually doubled our donation goal this year, and more than doubled what we collected last year," said Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs. "With multiple natural disasters taxing food banks' resources nationwide and bringing their reserves to an all-time low, we're just happy that we can be a part of making someone's holidays a little brighter."

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