Nintendo reveals Nintendo Switch

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New hybrid console to be released March 2017
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  • Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Nintendo Switch and its logo

Nintendo has revealed their next console, the Nintendo Switch. Originally known only by its code name "NX", the Switch acts as both a handheld console and a home console, by inserting it into or removing it from the Nintendo Switch Dock. It will be released in March 2017.

At home, the Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the system to the TV and lets players play games on the TV screen. By lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, the system instantly transitions to portable mode, and the same gaming experience enjoyed at home travels with the player. The system's portability is enhanced by its bright HD display, and brings full home gaming system experience in its portable mode.

The system comes with two detachable Joy-Con controllers which are secured to each side. The system can be played with the Joy-Con controllers attached or detached. Optionally, both Joy-Con controllers can be used by different players for multiplayer gaming. They easily click back into place, or can be slipped into a Joy-Con Grip accessory for the Joy-Con, mirroring a more-traditional controller. Alternatively, players can use an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller instead of the Joy-Con controllers. Players can bring their Switch systems together for local multiplayer.

Many developers can design games for the Switch, supporting a variety of game styles, which can give gamers the freedom to choose an experience that suits them better.