No 3DS enhancements for Black and White

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Junichi Masuda dispels rumors
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  • Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Masuda has been involved with Pokémon since Red and Green Versions.

Pokémon game developer and director Junichi Masuda today denied that there would be special enhancements in Pokémon Black and White if played on the 3DS.

Speaking in an interview at Nintendo's offices in Redwood City, CA, Masuda dispelled the rumors that came from an IGN report last week. When asked whether Black and White would have any special enhancements when played on the Nintendo 3DS, Masuda responded,

The 3DS will be initially available in black and blue hues.
Other than just being able to play the game normally, there's nothing special if you use a 3DS.
  -- Junichi Masuda  

Pokémon Black and White will see their first international release on March 4, in Europe. The 3DS will be released in Japan on Feb. 26, and overseas starting from March 25.

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