North American, PAL region Hidden Ability starter Pokémon distribution continues

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Serperior and Emboar now available, Samurott to follow in February
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  • Friday, January 30, 2015

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Artwork of the fully-evolved Unova starters

Yesterday, on January 29th, the second code for the Hidden Ability fully-evolved Unova starter Pokémon distribution was released for North American and PAL region games. The code is good for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire only. In Mystery Gift, if players enter "POKEMON500" under "Get by code", they will be able to download a special Emboar to their game. Emboar comes at level 50, has its Hidden Ability Reckless and knows the moves Flare Blitz, Hold Back, Head Smash and Take Down. Its original Trainer is "Present", its Trainer ID number is 01295, and it has a Classic Ribbon. Its gender and Nature are random, and it has no held item.

Both Serperior and Emboar will continue to be available until November 30, 2015. Samurott's code will be revealed starting on February 5 via the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter (users must be signed up to receive the newsletter before Jan. 31, 2015 to receive the code). Based on the Japanese distribution, the code is likely to be "POKEMON503", but this code does not work yet.