November to bring Mega Metagross-EX Premium Collection

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To introduce a Shiny Mega Metagross-EX promo
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  • Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Another new product has been announced for release in November, adding to the already announced November products, the Hoenn Collection Box and the Collector Chest, the Mega Metagross-EX Premium Collection will contain both a Shiny Metagross-EX and a M Metagross-EX promotional card, a jumbo Mega Metagross-EX promo, a Shiny Mega Metagross playmat, a Metagross coin, 8 booster packs, and a code card to unlock the promos online. No image is available yet. It is currently unknown what the two cards do, as this is the first time they have been mentioned worldwide.