October CoroCoro scans uploaded to Internet

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Ten new Pokémon officially revealed
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  • Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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New Pokémon from left: Zugaidosu, Tatetopusu, Minomucchi, Masukippa

Scans from the October issue of CoroCoro comics were uploaded to the Imawaka Futaba image board today, revealing 10 new Pokémon in the process. Several Pokémon, such as Korobōshi and Mukkuru, had been previously seen but not officially revealed. One of the new Pokémon, スボミー Subomī, is the pre-evolution of Roselia.

New Pokémon from top left: Korobōshi, Subomī, Korinku, Mukkuru, Bippa, Pinpuku

It is unknown if the October issue of the magazine will contain information on the new Diamond & Pearl anime series.

Wi-Fi details

Two new balls were revealed: Heal Ball and Dark Ball.

Wi-Fi details

Dialga is Steel/Dragon, and Palkia is Water/Dragon.

Team Galaxy member Mars (left) and Kurogane City's Gym Leader, Hyōta. Pictured below and to the right is the Coal Badge.
Information on starting out
Introductory page
Underground information
Wi-Fi details
Dialga and Palkia's residence

New Pokémon details

Name Zugaidosu Tatetopusu Minomucchi
なまえ ズガイドス タテトプス ミノムッチ
Species Head-butting Pokémon Shield Pokémon Bagworm Pokémon
ぶんるい ずつきポケモン シールドポケモン みのむしポケモン
Type Rock Rock / Steel Bug
Ability Unconventional Sturdy Shed Skin
とくせい かたやぶり がんじょう だっぴ

Name Masukippa Korobōshi Korinku
なまえ マスキッパ コロボーシ コリンク
Species Bug-Catching Pokémon Grasshopper Pokémon Flash Pokémon
ぶんるい むしとりポケモン こおろぎポケモン せんこうポケモン
Type Grass Bug Electric
Ability Levitate Shed Skin Belligerence / Intimidate
とくせい ふゆう だっぴ とうそうしん / いかく

Name Subomī Mukkuru Bippa
なまえ スボミー ムックル ビッパ
Species Flowerbud Pokémon Gray Starling Pokémon Round Mouse Pokémon
ぶんるい ツボミポケモン ムクドリポケモン まるねずみポケモン
Type Grass / Poison Normal / Flying Normal
Ability Nature Cure / Poison Point Keen Eye Simplicity / Spontaneity
とくせい しぜんかいふく / どくのトゲ するどいめ たんじゅん / てんねん

Name Pinpuku
なまえ ピンプク
Species Pretend Pokémon
ぶんるい ままごどポケモン
Type Normal
Ability Nature Cure / Serene Grace
とくせい しぜんかいふく / てんのめぐみ