Oddishnews:Junichi Masuda frozen after Ice Bucket Challenge mishap

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Game Freak Director recovering in area hospital
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  • Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Maxite

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This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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In a freak accident, Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda has been hospitalized after being frozen solid following an attempt at the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fad that is sweeping the internet and the world with the hope of raising money and awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Participants douse themselves in ice water and frequently call out friends, family, or colleagues to participate in future challenges. Masuda performed his challenge on August 23rd after being nominated to do so by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe following his own successful challenge.

"Mr. Masuda's prognosis is looking fairly good. He's responded well to our treatments, which include Aspear Berry extracts." Dr. Raimi Togaya of the Ryuzaki Area Hospital told reporters during a press conference. "However, this does go to show that further research does need to go into the percent chance of ice buckets causing a status condition. We are currently estimating it as less than one percent right now, but we are communicating with hospitals across to region to accurately measure known instances."

A witness present at the filming of the challenge reported that ""[i]t was strange. At first everything seemed fine, but after we turned off the camera we noticed he started stiffening up and turning blue. It only took a minute for him to go completely solid. We posted the video on Vine for Mr. Masuda as we rushed him to the hospital."

Game Freak has published a statement showing its support for Masuda in his recovery, and indicated that current projects will not be impeded by his temporary absence.