Official Japanese Pokémon site reveals '2012 International Challenge'

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'Japan Cup 2012 Spring' also announced
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  • Friday, February 10, 2012

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2012 International Challenge
Japan Cup 2012 Spring

The official Japanese site has announced two tournaments for players of Pokémon Black and White, one of which allows participation of players worldwide.

「2012インターナショナルチャレンジ」 2012 International Challenge is the first official Wi-Fi Global Battle Union tournament to allow the participation of all players around the world, regardless of the language version of the Black or White game they are using. Registration will be from March 15 to 21, with the tournament following directly after from March 22 to 26. The planned capacity of participants using Japanese games is 25,000, with the overall planned number of participants being 50,000. Participants using Japanese games are required to have a Pokémon Daisuki Club account and a corresponding Pokémon Global Link account. The tournament makes use of Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion, who will star in the upcoming fifteenth Pokémon movie, as mascots. It should be noted that the current fourth season of the GBU will end on March 27, a day after the tournament.

To be held simultaneously in Japan will be 「ジャパンカップ2012スプリング」 Japan Cup 2012 Spring, following the first ever Global Battle Union tournament held last year. This Japanese-exclusive tournament will be used to decide who will get to go to the Pokémon World Championships 2012. As with the upcoming tournament, this second Japan Cup will make use of Double Battles.