Official Pokémon Magazine to launch in UK

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  • Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Official Pokémon Magazine

Future Publishing, the publisher of the Official Nintendo Magazine, revealed that they will begin publishing the new "Official Pokémon Magazine". It will be a monthly magazine dedicated to the Pokémon franchise, featuring news on the games, TV series, movies and trading card game.

Each issue will come with a special gift. The first issue will come with four: a pull-out Pokémon X and Y poster, a double-sided Pokémon poster, a set of four Pokémon pin badges, and Pokémon vinyl stickers.

To celebrate this announcement, Future Publishing is offering a special incentive where the three month subscription can be purchased for half price: £4.99 rather than the usual £9.99. Issue one is due out on March 20, with subsequent issues launching around the first or second week of the month.

13 issues of the Official Pokémon Magazine will be released per year. The Editor-in-Chief of the Official Nintendo Magazine, Chandra Nair, will also be the editor of this magazine.

Previously, the former Official Nintendo Magazine tried to launch a seasonal Pokémon Official Magazine in 2004, but it was cancelled after the second issue.


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