Official Pokémon website announces Pokémon Power Bracket

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Legendary Pokémon to compete for fans' votes
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  • Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Legendary birds
Legendary beasts

The official English Pokémon website has launched a tournament in which fans vote for their favorite legendary Pokémon. All legendary Pokémon from Generation I to Generation IV are included. Fans can vote for each matchup once per day. Each phase lasts for one week.

The tournament begins with a preliminary round featuring three preliminary matchups; the legendary birds against the legendary beasts. Each legendary bird and legendary beast go head to head, and the three that win the most votes move on to the main tournament. This round will bring the number of competing legendary Pokémon to 32.

Pokémon fans do not have to register for this event, and can vote right away. One vote is allowed per match up, with each round lasting a week.

The prizes

  • The winning Pokémon will take over the website for one full week.
  • A downloadable package will be given to everyone after the winner is determined.
  • The winning Pokémon will be featured on a T-shirt from Hot Topic that will be available from the Hot Topic website

Pokémon Power Bracket

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