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Card illustrations depict Zorua and Zoroark
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  • Friday, August 27, 2010

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Illusion's Zorua

The official Japanese card database has updated their list of 2010 promotional cards to include the winners of the recent Pokémon Card Design Contest held by Shōgakukan in commemoration of the thirteenth movie, Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. Entrants were requested to design the artwork for one of two cards: Illusion's Zorua and Illusion's Zoroark.

Winners were selected from many different categories: five winners from Kindergarten through Fourth grade, as well as winners from each of the five following magazines: TV Boy Magazine, CoroCoro Comic, Puchi Gumi Magazine, Pokémon Fan Magazine, and CoroCoro Ichiban!.

Illusion's Zoroark

This contest has been an annual event since it was first held for the twelfth movie. Entries had to have been received between the dates of February 20th and April 2nd. The contests were only offered to residents of Japan.


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