Online store reveals next TCG expansion

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Platinum: Arceus to be released Nov. 4
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  • Friday, August 21, 2009

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Platinum: Arceus artwork

According to the online store Intrafin, 「アルセウス光臨 」 Advent of Arceus will be seeing an English release this November. This expansion is named Platinum: Arceus and will be released alongside many promotions. Pre-releases will occur the last two weekends of October.

Much like previous sets, Platinum: Arceus will be released alongside a new Premium Box, Poster Pack, Collector's Tin and three-pack blister packs, all with an Arceus theme. Many cards of Arceus will be released with these promotions.

Platinum: Arceus will be in stores Nov. 4. Currently, no official sources confirm this date.