OverClocked ReMix's Pokémon fan remix album released

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'The Missingno Tracks' available for free download
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  • Friday, March 4, 2011

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After four years in the making, the non-profit organization dedicated to remixing video game music OverClocked ReMix has now released their twenty-third album to the world for download.

Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks has 28 remixes of various Pokémon game music from the first four generations compiled by 24 professional artists. As described by Project Director Gerry "The Damned" Wheatley:

The music of Pokémon comes as varied and imaginative as the world it's set in. It's sad, happy, quick and light, heavy and fearsome, and all of it deserving of more attention. The Missingno Tracks is a tribute to the music of the games. We've given the songs new twists, lryics to convey the feelings behind them, and played with them like we would with a Pokémon friend. We give this to you, the Trainers, so that you may enjoy them again.
  -- Gerry Wheatley  

Some of the tracks in the album include "TEEM.ROKIT", a distorted-sounding remix of "Team Rocket Hideout" by Brain "Tweek" Arnold, a choir version of "Jigglypuff's Song" by Deia "DragonAvenger" Vengen simply called "Jiggly Choir" and "On the Origin of Species" by Blake "ProtoDome" Troise, a remix of the "Evolution" tune found in all Pokémon games.

The entire album is available for download here at no cost. The album is available in a 858 MB torrent file with FLAC and MP3 formats of the songs (some tracks are MP3 only) or a 161 MB compressed ZIP folder with only MP3 files.