Passimian, Oranguru, new Z-Moves revealed in new Sun and Moon trailer

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Character customization detailed
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  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has revealed new Pokémon, new Pokémon-specific Z-Moves, and details on character customization.

Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokémon. It has the new Ability Receiver, which copies the Ability of an ally who faints in battles such as Double and Triple Battles. Passimian only appear in Pokémon Sun.

Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon. It can have either Inner Focus or Telepathy as its Ability. This Pokémon can exclusively learn the new move Instruct, which makes the target use its most recent move again immediately. Oranguru only appear in Pokémon Moon.

Lycanroc (known as Rugarugan in Japanese), the evolved form of Rockruff, has been revealed for the first time outside of CoroCoro. Rockruff evolves into a different form of Lycanroc depending on whether the game is Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon; it evolves into Midday Form in Pokémon Sun, and into Midnight Form in Pokémon Moon. Lycanroc is a Rock-type Pokémon in both forms. Midday Form Lycanroc can have either Keen Eye or Sand Rush as its Ability, and can learn Accelerock, which is a new damaging move exclusive to Lycanroc that is guaranteed to strike first (it is shown being executed before Ice Shard). Lycanroc Midnight Form have have either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit as its Ability and can learn Counter.

Two new Pokémon-specific Z-Moves were announced.

Pikachu's exclusive Z-Move is Catastropika, which is said to be Pikachu's most powerful attack. Pikachu and its Trainer both perform the Z-Move pose together, then Pikachu jumps into its Trainer's arms, before the Trainer throws it into the air; in mid-air, Pikachu spin into a ball and wraps itself in extra-high-voltage electric power, then charges into its opponent.

Eevee's exclusive Z-Move is Extreme Evoboost. All eight Pokémon that Eevee can evolve into gather, then grant their powers to Eevee. This move raises Eevee's Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed by 2.

Character customization for Pokémon Sun and Moon was also shown off in the trailer.

Players can customize their avatar's clothing, hairstyle and eye color. It is also possible to change the color of clothing by dying it.

Pokémon Refresh artwork

The new feature Pokémon Refresh lets players care for their Pokémon.

After a battle, Pokémon can sometimes end up rumpled and dirty. Pokémon Refresh lets players clean them up, care for them, feed them Poké Beans, and even cure status conditions like poison and paralysis.

Like Pokémon-Amie in Generation VI, Pokémon that have been looked after in Pokémon Refresh can grow very affectionate. Affectionate Pokémon can sometimes avoid attacks from opposing Pokémon or endure a hit that would have knocked them out.

The Nintendo 3DS downloadable software Pokémon Bank, an application that enables players to store their Pokémon in internet-based storage boxes, will be updated in January 2017. This update will give the Pokémon Bank application compatibility with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and include a new National Pokédex feature.

The National Pokédex feature reads saved data from any compatible titles you connect to Pokémon Bank and collects information about all the Pokémon you have caught. You can then check out all of this information in the Pokémon Bank application and even see Pokémon that don't natively appear in the Alola region.

Poké Transporter will also be updated to make the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow compatible with Pokémon Bank. This allows Pokémon caught in these games to be transferred across into Pokémon Sun and Moon.



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