Pikachu sleeping through upcoming merchandise campaign

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Sleeping Pikachu campaign begins June 14
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  • Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Sleeping Pikachu merchandise

The official Japanese Pokémon website announced a new merchandise campaign available at Pokémon Centers nationwide starting June 14. This campaign exclusively features a sleeping Pikachu throughout all items, which include chopsticks, aprons, slippers, and a plush cushion. The merchandise will be available on the online Pokémon Store June 20. The product list and product prices are detailed below.

List of products/prices

Product Price
Plush cushion ¥3704
Tissue box cover ¥‎2130
Fluffy face towel ¥908
Kids slippers (~18.0cm) ¥1389
Adult slippers (~24.5cm) ¥1760
Kids apron ¥1667
Adult Apron ¥2408
2 glass set ¥1112
Rice Bowl ¥769
Soup Bowl ¥649
Square Plate ¥1480
Kids chopsticks ¥ 389
Adult chopsticks ¥ 417