Plasma Storm blister packs announced

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PlasmaShadow, PlasmaClaw theme decks unveiled
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  • Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Wigglytuff and Ninetales blister packs have been unveiled. PlasmaShadow and PlasmaClaw are going to be the theme decks for Plasma Storm. Jigglypuff and Ninetales are revealed to be upcoming featured BW Black Star Promo cards.

The Plasma Storm two-pack blister features a reprinted Wigglytuff card from Next Destinies and Jigglypuff. An alternate artwork Ninetales will be featured in the three-pack blister, and the pack will come with a special Plasma coin.

The PlasmaShadow theme deck will feature Giratina, while the PlasmaClaw theme deck will feature Druddigon.