Platinum to be released in South Korea

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Game to have Giratina in title
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  • Friday, May 22, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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Korean box art

After almost a year since its release in Japan, Pokémon Platinum will be released in South Korea on July 2. It will be entitled 「포켓몬스터Pt 기라티나」 Pocket Monsters Giratina Pt. It will cost ₩39,000.

A special Rejigigaseu will be given away from June 20-21 as well. It will be like the original one distributed in Japan last year. It will be at level 100. It will be in Cherish Ball while holding a Custap Berry. It will know the moves Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind and Crush Grip. Like all the other Rejigigaseu previously distributed, it will allow players to travel to the Iceberg Ruins, Iron Ruins and Rock Peak Ruins to capture the legendary golems, Rejiaiseu, Rejiseutil and Rejirak.

Players of Pocket Monsters Diaruga and Peolgia DP will also get a chance to obtain a Windi from June 6-8. No other information on this distribution is currently available.