Pocket Monsters: The Origin anime special to air Oct. 2

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Characters Red, Blue from the games featured
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  • Saturday, August 17, 2013
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Pocket Monsters The Origin poster

Prior to the start of the Pocket Monsters XY anime series, an anime special called Pocket Monsters: The Origin will air October 2, 2013.

It will star the characters Red and Blue (named Green in Japan) from the Generation I games. Red will be using a Charmander and will be facing off against Brock who has a Geodude. Charmander knows Scratch and Geodude knows Tackle. Red will also be meeting Lance.

Blue will be using Blastoise in the special. Red's Charmander will become a Charizard. Professor Oak and Red's mother will also be making an appearance. The official Japanese Pokémon website's YouTube channel released a trailer featuring scenes from the special. Red battles Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower. He then battles Giovanni.




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