Pokédex apps pulled from market

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The Pokémon Company makes copyright claim
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  • Friday, May 20, 2011

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Pokédex apps on the Android and iTunes markets have been removed due to a request from The Pokémon Company, the Nintendo offshoot that handles the marketing and licensing for all Pokémon media.

While details are still sketchy, it seems that a copyright claim has been made by the Nintendo affiliate. Nolan Lawson, developer of Pokédroid (a Pokédex app for the Android operating system) fills us in:

Pokédroid might be removed from the Android Market due to a copyright claim by The Pokémon Company.

Many Pokédex apps were already removed, including Pokédroid Donate.

I am currently trying to contact The Pokémon Company in order to get permission to keep Pokédroid (and similar apps) on the Market.

I'll post updates as the situation develops.

  -- Nolan Lawson  

Lawson's app is one of many online, some of which have already been removed. A simple Google search shows over 4,000 results. Unlike others, Lawson's app had the ability to relay information verbally—like the Pokédexes featured in the Pokémon anime.

This is not the first time that fan-made regalia has been targeted by The Pokémon Company over copyright issues. Readers may recall that some fan sites had cease and desist letters mailed to them last year around the release of Pokémon Black and White.

Bulbanews is currently seeking information as to why this move has been made, what it means for app developers and app users alike, and how a planned Bulbagarden Pokédex app may fare. More information will follow as we get it and will be released both on Bulbanews and through our Twitter account. If you have anything to contribute, don't hesitate to get in touch.