Pokémon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire chapter to arrive in France

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Three new omnibus volumes announced
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  • Friday, November 21, 2014

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Following the success of the Red, Green & Blue chapter and the Yellow chapter in France, Kurokawa has announced an omnibus edition of the Ruby & Sapphire chapter of Pokémon Adventures, just in time for the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This will be the first time the Ruby & Sapphire chapter has been translated into French.

The chapter will be released in three omnibus volumes, the first of which will be released December 11, less than a month after the release of the final volume of the Yellow chapter. The content from the volumes will come from Volume 15 through Volume 22. At this time, the Gold, Silver and Crystal chapter is being skipped to time the manga with the release of the new games, but Kurokawa has stated that the chapter may be revisited in the future, along with the other arcs.

Kurokawa has also announced their intentions to release the X & Y chapter of Pokémon Adventures. While no release date is confirmed at this time, Kurokawa has projected the release for some time in 2015. It is not currently known if the release will be based on the Japanese volumes or if it will be an original compilation of the magazine version.