Pokémon Adventures placed third in Media Factory Animation poll

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NishiOisiN's 'Zaregoto: The Kubikiri Cycle' tops Media Factory poll
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  • Friday, February 24, 2012

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According to AnimeNewsNetwork.com, Media Factory's Da Vinci Denshi Navi has the results of a Twitter survey, where the question "Which novel or manga do you want to see animated?" was asked. More than six thousand responses were received.

Pocket Monsters Special (known as "Pokémon Adventures" outside of Japan) is particularly popular with the fans

In first place with 160 votes was the novel Zaregoto: The Kubikiri Cycle, which was written by NisiOisiN. In second place was Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yuichi Hasegawa's manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam with 114 votes. In third place with 108 votes is the Pokémon Adventures manga (known as Pocket Monsters Special in Japan). This poll is merely a fan poll and has no indication on which works will or won't be adapted into animation in the future.

Pokémon Adventures is written by Hidenori Kusaka. Mato drew the artwork for volumes 1-9 until illness meant she could no longer draw. For volume 10 onwards, Satoshi Yamamoto took over her role. Shōgakukan publishes the series in Japan, while Viz Media publishes it in English speaking territories. Chuang Yi also provides an English translation for Asian countries.