Pokémon Diamond and Pearl mascots revealed in full

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Sept. 28 release date, new anime series announced
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  • Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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The mascots for the upcoming Nintendo DS RPGs, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, previously hinted at in a leaked scan of the cover for Pokémon Wonderland, have been revealed in full: the space-ruling Pokémon Parukia (空間をつかさどりしポケモン パルキア) in Pearl, and the time-ruling Pokémon Diaruga (時をつかさどりしポケモン ディアルガ) in Diamond.

Parukia has the ability to warp space, while Diaruga can control time. The two Pokémon are the key to the plot of the game. They will be featured in the trailer for the game shown at the beginning of Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy, which premieres Saturday. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will be released Sept. 28.

Also announced was the next Pokémon anime series, which apparently will feature the female protagonist from the games. Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール) will start broadcasting this fall on the TV Tokyo network. CoroCoro speculates that the as-yet anonymous female protagonist will be the main character.

Note: The trademark applications for these Pokémon have yet to be made public. It is unknown what the correct, trademark romanization is.