Pokémon Fan unveils new XY episode titles for the month of May

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May 29 to be a one hour special
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  • Friday, April 18, 2014
  • Reported on Bulbanews by 神奇超龍
    Originally reported in Pokémon Fan magazine

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Diantha in the anime

Pokémon Fan has revealed four new episode titles for Pocket Monsters XY in the month of May. There will be a one hour special on May 29, featuring Diantha using a Mega Gardevoir in her battle with Ash.


「ペロッパフとペロリーム!!甘い戦いはあまくない!?」 Peroppafu and Peroream!! The Sweet Battle isn't a Piece of Cake!? will air May 15.

  • Serena has specially made some Poké Puff, a Pokémon confectionary. When a girl named Millefeui shows up in town, the two will have a showdown in a Poké Puff Contest.

「フラべべと妖精の花! 」Flabebe and the Fairy Flower! will air May 22.

  • A Flabebe clinged onto Bonnie's hair accessory after spotting the flower on her hair. It seems that this Flabebe did not have its own flower. How could this be?

「チャンピオン・カルネ登場!霧の中のメガサーナイト!!」Champion Carnet Appears! Mega Sirknight in the Mist!! will air May 29.

  • Arriving at a town's battle tournament, Ash witnesses the Champion of Kalos, Diantha, getting on stage. Ash decides to watch and study the battle.

「ジャジャーン!ニセサトシ現る!」Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!! will air May 29.

  • Disguised as Ash, Serena, and Bonnie, Team Rocket begins their rampaging in a town. Officer Jenny arrests the real Ash and his friends.