Pokémon Fan unveils new episode titles, two specials

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Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard X featured in one special
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  • Wednesday, February 19, 2014
  • Reported on Bulbanews by G50
    Originally reported in Pokémon Fan magazine

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Pokémon Fan magazine has unveiled several new episode titles and two specials. On March 27, there will be a one-hour two-episode special. The first half hour will be the special 「 アイリスVSイブキ!ドラゴンマスターへの道!!」Iris vs Ibuki! The Road to Become a Dragon Master!!, which was announced back in October. The second half hour will be the episode 「デビューです!セレナとフォッコでポケビジョン!!」Debut! Serena and Fokko on PokéVision!!

On April 3, there will be another special. Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: 'The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~', which will feature several Mega Evolutions. On April 10, there will be a new episode called 「黄金のコイキングを釣り上げろ!!」 Fish up the Golden Koiking!!. On April 17, there will be a new episode called 「 オーロラの絆!アマルスとアマルルガ!!」 The Bond of the Aurora! Amarus and Amaruruga!!

Pokémon Fan episode summaries and captions

Snorlax episode

  • A Snorlax sleeps in the middle of Camphrier Town. To wake it up, an item located in the Shabboneau Castle is needed, but...
  • Parfum Palace caption: A large mansion located near Shabboneau Castle; home to the selfish Princess Ally; who isn't happy if she doesn't get whatever she wants, and 'has a certain item from Shabboneau Castle...'
  • Shabboneau Castle captions: Each year, a festival is held at Camphrier Town. The tools needed for the festival are supposed to be kept at the castle, but...
  • The castle's Lord doesn't want to appear in this year's festival; and the festival can't start unless the Snorlax sleeping in the middle of town wakes up.

Malamar episode

Battle Chateau episode

  • Ash meets two siblings, Nikola and Tesla, and they invite him to the Battle Chateau, a social meeting place for Pokémon Battles filled with tradition.
  • Viola is a Duchess and Grant is a Duke.
  • Battle Chateau caption: Those who battle there are awarded 'court ranks' according to their results, with high ranks being a great honor; a place full of history and tradition that has existed since long before Pokémon Gyms.

Iris's special

  • Iris arrives at Blackthorn City. There, she has a battle that cannot be avoided if she is to master Dragon-type Pokémon! How will the battle end?!


  • Serena attempts to create a Pokémon Promotional Video! With Clemont as her cameraman, a slapstick shoot begins!

Mega Evolutions special

  • A huge gathering of Mega Evolved Pokémon! Who is the strongest Mega Evolved Pokemon?! Make sure you don't miss the super-intense Mega Battle!!
  • Captions for this special:
    • Two great Mega Evolved Pokémon collide!
    • You can't mess the Mega Battle that unfolds between Mega Charizard X and Mega Blastoise!!
    • Mega Evolved Pokémon appear one after another, and heated battles play out!
    • Keep your eye on Mega Charizard X and Mega Blastoise. Who are their Trainers?!'

Episode featuring a golden Magikarp

  • Ash and friends arrive at the Ambrette Town aquarium. To catch the "Golden Magikarp", which shines gold, everyone tries their hand at fishing!

Episode featuring Amaura and Aurorus

  • Amaura and Aurorus are Pokémon revived from ancient fossils. Team Rocket begins to make their move, aiming for these valuable Pokémon...
  • Ambrette Town Fossil Research Laboratory caption: Succeeds in reviving Amaura and Aurorus; they collect lots of fossils to study them; Amaura is friendly toward humans.

With thanks to Bluesun for the translations.